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Ms Sabina Beber Boštjančič
Deputy Director
T: +386 1 4796 582

Problem Statement

There is significant amount of aged, unstable, deteriorated and for other reasons unserviceable ammunition in Bulgaria. Ammunition surplus posses hazard to the local population and is seeking to be demilitarized. Bulgaria has been recently affected by many Unplanned Explosions on Munitions Sites (UEMS). UEMS in Chelopechene left surface and subsurface contaminated by UXO and nearby water areas as well.

What we do

ITF has been provided with funds for assisting in cleaning surface, subsurface and water areas contaminated as a result of Unplanned Explosion on Munitions Sites UEMS located in Chelopechene, Bulgaria. Vegetations have been removed inside ammunition storage area, various type of ammunitions have been detected, excavated, identified and handover to Bulgarian Armed Forces for further disposal. ITF manage with project funds and verifying implementation of UXO cleaning activities.