@ITF_fund: #15MSP has ended. We are pleased with valuable meetings and debates, and wish everyone best of luck with their work…
@ITF_fund: Ireland pleased to have restored cooperation w/ @ITF_fund supporting activities in #Bosnia #Ukraine #15MSP @DisarmamentIRL @damjan_bergant
@ITF_fund: We hosted the members of the Collegium of the House of Representatives, Parliamentary Assembly of #BiH at @ITF_fund…
@ITF_fund: Ms Kepic Head of Dep. for Int. Org. @MZZRS on Victim Assistance and the contribution of @ITF_fund in the field…
@ITF_fund: .@damjan_bergant @ITF_fund Dir. addresses #15MSP urging for partnership in #mineaction

Donor community

The donor community, through its solidarity and willingness to help, contributes to the solution of threat from post-conflict and disruptive challenges in the affected countries. The mandate for fund raising and fund management is being entrusted every year repeatedly to ITF, having a steadfast reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner in fulfilling its obligations to the donors.

Since its inception, more than 400 donors have made donations to ITF for its activities. More than 95 % of the donations originate from public donors – including 30 governments, the European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and many local authorities; the rest of the funds have been contributed by private donors: non-governmental (NGO) and humanitarian organizations, businesses and individuals.

Donors, as members of the ITF Board of Advisors (BoA), determine guidelines for future humanitarian projects in the region of Southeast Europe and beyond. They also voice their proposals for humanitarian/development activities in the countries of their particular interest.

The Government of the United States of America has instituted the Matching Fund Mechanism for Southeast Europe, through which it matches every dollar raised by ITF with an additional dollar, thus accomplishing two-fold results in mine action projects.