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1st meeting of SEEMACC Working Group


With the purpose to expore the options and to develop new SEEMACC strategy 2011-2015, the 1st meeting of SEEMACC Working Group on Strategy was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 02 February 2011 and was moderated by Mr Luka Buhin, ITF Project Manager.

The aim of the proceedings of the SEEMACC Working Group on Strategy was twofold:
• to provide SEEMACC strategic review and generate strategic options for further development of SEEMACC to its members/observers, and
• to develop new SEEMACC strategy (2011-2015) for the adoption by members/observers of SEEMACC in autumn 2011.

Underlying the revisited SEEMACC strategy is the notion of supporting its members/observers in achieving their national Mine Action and/or organizational strategic goals as well as other disarmament undertakings.

The meeting was attended by the representatives from following SEEMACC member/observer organizations: Albanian Mine Action Executive, Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action, Croatian Mine Action Center, CROMAC - Center for Testing, Development and Training, the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance, Regional Center for Underwater Demining (Montenegro), Regional Mine Detection Dog Centre (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Republic of Macedonia Protection and Rescue Directorate.

Detailed information and minutes from the meeting will be available on the SEEMACC web page.