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25th SEEMACC meeting


Alongside the 12th International Symposium “Mine Action 2015” from 27 to 30 April 2015 in Biograd, Croatia, the 25th SEEMACC (South-Eastern Europe Mine Action Coordinating Council) meeting was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of nine SEEMACC members and observers.

After opening remarks, presented by Ambassador Damjan Bergant, ITF Director, a discussion on future SEEMACC perspectives followed. It was concluded that SEEMACC Strategy 2012–2015 and Rules of procedure will be reviewed by each member/observer. The remarks would be gathered by responsible SEEMACC members, who will edit them and prepare necessary ground for discussion on the next SEEMACC meeting, planned in autumn 2015.

Special attention was given to possible SEEMACC certification of experts from the region of Southeast Europe and through this, the establishment of regional database of Mine action (MA) and Conventional weapons destruction (CWD) experts (pool of experts) and possible SEEMACC participation in IMAS Steering Committee meetings.