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Explosive Hazards Reduction Training to Kyrgyz Republic


In period from 14 to 19 October 2013, ITF has successfully implemented Comprehensive Explosive Hazards Reduction Training in Osh, Kyrgyz Republic as part of activities foreseen with Protocol on Cooperation, which was signed with Ministry of Defence of the Kyrgyz Republic (MOD KR) on July 25, 2013. ITF has procured and deployed classroom as well as field EOD equipment to support implementation of training and strengthen capacity of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response.

Purpose of the Training was as follows:

  1. Enhance the national capacities in reducing of excess and obsolete engineering and other ammunition stockpiles.
  2. Enhance the safety and effectiveness of operations in reducing of excess and obsolete engineering ammunition and other stockpiles.

The training was hosted by the MOD KR and supported by OSCE Office in Tajikistan and Republic of Korea. Activities fall under the 2013 regional program that is being implemented for OSCE CA ps and Afghanistan and was initiated by OSCE in 2009. During opening ceremony speeches were given by col. Satibaldiev - commander of south command of MOD KR, col. Kamchybekov - head of engineering department of MOD KR, Mr. Aznaurian - Political Officer from OSCE field office in Osh and Mr. Hegler - ITF Project Manager.

The training was implemented by international experts from ITF and MOD Serbia with support provided by the MOD KR. Week-long training consisted from theoretical lectures where excellent cooperation was noted and practical exercise on military EOD range. During the practical exercise participants were introduced to safety measures and different methods of destruction\demilitarization of hazardous engineering ammunition. Limited amount of antipersonnel and antitank mines were destroyed for training purposes by reverse engineering – industrial method applied in the field condition, open detonation and open burning. Possibilities to use recovered energetic materials from anti personnel mines for other applications (civilian) and for EOD purpose were demonstrated. Participants were glad and trilled with presentation of new methods that can be used.

In line with successful implementation of this training, needs of Kyrgyz Republic and signed Protocol on Cooperation, ITF plans to implement expended activities for northern part of Kyrgyz Republic in year 2014.