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First international virtual lecture conducted for Cape Verdean Telemedicine Network by the distance


The integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program falls under Development Cooperation Program agreed between Republic of Cape Verde and Republic of Slovenia that provided financial resources for its implementation. Program is being implemented since 2012 through ITF by International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation and close cooperation with the Ministry of Health Cape Verde.

Among all activites anticipated within this comprehensive program and Phase 2 which started on January 1st 2013, two types of lectures were planned to be organized in the context of clinical education program:

  • Distance CME program: conducted by professors outside Cape Verde
  • In-country distance CME program: conducted by professors located in one of the islands

On September 13th, 2013 a first international virtual lecture for Cape Verdean network was delievered from Tirana, Albania. The lecture was delivered from the Obstetric Gynecologic University Hospital “Queen Geraldine”. Prof. Julian Habibaj, MD, a graduate from Kiel University in Germany, lectured on “Theoretical and practical aspects of hysteroscopy”. Dr. Habibaj presented his rich experience of the past ten years with this useful and irreplaceable diagnostic and curative method. Gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners and nurses from Hospital dr. Agostinho Neto, Hospital dr. Baptista de Sousa and Hospital Santiago Norte and other hospitals in Cape Verde attended the presentation and latter interacted in form of questions and answers with the lecturer. The topic and the content of the lecture were highly appreciated by the attending participants who requested more lectures of this topic. The international distance lecture series will continue during the following months of program implementation

An in-country training seminar was organized on September 19, 2013. The topic was “Towards Full Implementation of Teledermatology in Cape Verde” with the following agenda:

  • Updates on Teledermatoloty, Dr. Erion Dasho
  • Using the Telemedicine Carts for Live and Store-and-Forward Teledermatology: a Technical Update, Eng. Sofia Tavares
  • Conducting Teledermatology in Cape Verde, Clinical and Coordination Issues, Dr. Catarina Monteiro
  • Hands-on Practical Discussion of Cases.

Dr Erion Dasho lectured from Hospital Baptista de Sousa, whereas Dr. Catarina Monteiro and Dr. Sofia Tavares lectured from Hospital Agostinho Neto. Participants from Santo Antao and Sal also attended. Sao Felipe Hospital (Fogo) and Hospital Santiago Norte could not attend because the national telecommunicaiton agency was working on the network.