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Funds raised on 20th Eurofest will be donated to the ITF

The 20th Eurofest, International Handball Festival in Izola and Koper, Slovenia started on 01 July and will last until July 6, 2012.
Ever since the first Eurofest, on which  23 teams from Italy and Slovenia participated, the event has grown into one of the biggest festivals worldwide with 130-180 teams participating each year. This year over 160 teams from 18 countries in Europe and Asia will participate. 

Beside sport activities, many other humanitarian acitivities will take place such as extreme handball competition, celebrities match, Slovenian made product market and culinary evenings. All funds being raised on humanitarian events will be donated to ITF Enhancing Human Security who will in cooperation with the Foundation “Croatia without mines” implement a demining project in Croatia.

For additional information on 20th Eurofest click here.