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Intensive Telemedicine and e-Health Conference in Praia, Cape Verde

In period 19-20 October, 2012 International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation has through the ITF organized Intensive Telemedicine and e-Health Conference in Praia, Cape Verde. The National Conference was successfully implemented within the framework of multiphase project «Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program – Republic of Cape Verde» that falls within Development Cooperation Program agreed between the Republic of Cape Verde and Republic of Slovenia 2012-2014 who has provided financial resources for the implementation, through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Health Cape Verde has provided strong support to the Conference.
The Conference, where more than 200 representatives from Government, country-wide hospitals, academic institutions, research and development companies, IT industry, governmental agencies and foreign embassies in Cape Verde participated, was opened by the Minister of Health Cape Verde, Dra. Maria Cristina Lopes Almeida Fontes Lima, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde, Mr. Jose Luis Rocha  and ITF Deputy Director, Mr. Goran Ga?nik.
All basic elements of telemedicine were covered and divided into following sections:
Foundations of Telemedicine;
-  Technology, Education and Research;
-  Case Studies of Telemedicine programs in Brazil, Balkan region and Pakistan;
-  Specialty applications in different clinics; and
-  Establishing a Telemedicine Program in Cape Verde.
The Conference has gained wider acknowledgment of the professionals and public, popularized Telemedicine and e-Health applications and raised the universal perception of their importance for modern healthcare systems.