@ITF_fund: Issue 21.1 of the Journal of CWD is out, with the contribution of our colleague Gregor Sančanin. @CISRJMU
@ITF_fund: #April weather can always surprise. Snowy Municipality of Ilijaš, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Memorandum of Understanding signed between ITF and International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation

On 26 September 2011 ITF signed Memorandum of Understanding with International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH), a non-profit organization founded in 2001 to assist in rebuilding the public healthcare system in developing countries by introducing and implementing self-sustainable telemedicine and e-health programs.
ITF and IVeH have agreed to work in a mutually beneficial collaborative environment to identify the projects of common interest on national, regional and interregional level to develop sufficient medical and rehabilitation care for victims of conflicts and other causes of trauma and major injuries, by creating and establishing self-sustainable telemedicine and e-health programs, together with training and education of healthcare providers in the use, adoption, practice and implementation of telemedicine, e-health and electronic libraries. In accordance with the Memorandum, cooperation may also be conducted in other areas.