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Second Explosive Hazards Reduction Training in Kyrgyz Republic


In period 3-10 September 2014, ITF has successfully implemented second Comprehensive Explosive Hazards Reduction Training in Koy Tash/Ala Too, Kyrgyz Republic with support provided by the Republic of Korea. Activity was implemented under the framework of Protocol on Cooperation that was signed on July 25, 2013 between ITF and Ministry of Defence of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Before the training was implemented, ITF has procured and deployed classroom as well as field EOD equipment to support training implementation and to further strengthen national capacities of the Kyrgyz Republic in field of Explosive Hazards Reduction and Response.

The training was hosted by Ministry of Defence of the Kyrgyz Republic and implemented by international experts from ITF and Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia. The topics about countering improvised explosive devices were covered by international expert from Estonia.

A week-long comprehensive training consisted from theoretical lectures and practical exercises on military EOD range. Participants were introduced to safety measures and different methods of destruction\demilitarization of hazardous engineering and other ammunition. Limited amount of antipersonnel and antitank mines were destroyed for training purposes by reverse engineering – industrial method applied in the field condition, open detonation and open burning. Possibilities to use recovered energetic materials from antipersonnel mines for other applications (civilian) and EOD purpose were demonstrated as well. In addition, participants were introduced to different theoretical and practical aspects of countering improvised explosive devices that pose serious threat to human security. 

The training was altogether attended by 27 experts from Kyrgyz Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Border Troops and National Guard.