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Telemedicine Seminars in Cape Verde and Inauguration of Phase 1 of the Program


First Intensive Conference on Telemedicine and e-health in Cape Verde was organized in October 2012 on main Island Santiago. Since only healthcare experts from main Island Santiago had a possibility to participate, the Conference was followed by implementation of several clinical seminars throughout the islands of Cape Verde to introduce telemedicine and e-health applications to everyone involved. Smaller clinical seminars were implemented in line with installation of first shipment of equipment for medical teleconsultations, videoconferences and electronic medical library to selected hospitals in Cape Verde and in line with technical seminars where experts were introduced with how to use the equipment.

In December 2012, two clinical seminars were implemented, one on northern part of Island Santiago where also experts from Island Maio participated, and second on Island Fogo where also experts from Island Brava participated. By this, all 4 islands being part of Sotavento islands of Cape Verde were covered and people basically informed on telemedicine and e-health applications.

Further on a bigger Telemedicine Course was implemented in January 11, 2013 on Island Sao Vicente with a special focus on Barlavento islands in Cape Verde. The course was attended by healthcare experts and relevant stakeholders from islands Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Boa Vista and Sal that are part of Barlavento islands as well as from Santiago and Fogo that are part of Sotavento islands. By that, all island of Cape Verde were covered instead of Sao Nicolau that will be included during the continuation of Program. Through the courses, participants were introduced to all basic elements of telemedicine and e-health, including presentation on case studies of different Telemedicine Programs worldwide. 

On the same day, January 11 2013, IVeH has in cooperation with ITF and Ministry of Health Cape Verde organized Inauguration of Phase 1 of the Telemedicine Program in Cape Verde. On the ceremony main stakeholders presented and stressed the importance of the Telemedicine program for this developing country, such as Minister of Health Cape Verde, Dra. Maria Cristina Lopez Almeida Fontes Lima, ITF Deputy Director, Mr. Goran Ga?nik, IVeH President, prof. dr. Rifat latifi and many others. Opening ceremony was followed by speeches and greetings from each hospital from Cape Verde that was connected to the network using the equipment we have installed, and Minister of Health Cape Verde has moderated the connection itself.

Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program for the Republic of Cape Verde falls within Development Cooperation Program agreed between the Republic of Cape Verde and Republic of Slovenia 2012-2014 who has provided financial resources for the implementation, through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Health Cape Verde has provided strong support and cooperation throughout the Program.