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The Hospital in Sal continues to be the leader of the clinical telemedicine program in Cape Verde


The main hospital on island Sal continues to deserve the unofficial title of “Cabo Verdean Telemedicine Champion”. Hospital du Sal and three of its doctors – Dr. Helder Perreira, Dr. Carla Abu-Raya and Dr. Viviane Delgado jointly referred more than 50% of the teleconsultations conducted during the period May – December 2013. This excellent momentum continued during January 2014 with over 20 teleconsultations being requested and conducted by the doctors of this structure. Hospital Dr. Baptista de Sousa in Mindelo is the main referring center, but a significant number of patients (especially the teledermatology ones) are consulted with Hospital Dr. Agostingo Neto specialists as well.

The staff of the Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Cape Verde witnessed a teleconsultation conducted in real time between Hospital du Sal and HBS on Thursday, January 30th, 2014. Dr. Carla Abu-Raya referred a cardiology patient to Dr. Fernando Lopes from HBS. Dr. Abu-Raya first presented the case. Later, Dr. Lopes asked the patient for a more detailed diseases history to be followed by a physical examination involving the use of e-stethoscope and the e-ECG from the teleconsultation units located in both hospitals. “Telemedicine is now an integral part of the clinical activity of the Hospital du Sal”, said Dr. Carla Abu-Raya who at the same time is the Director of the Hospital du Sal. Dr. Abu-Raya also stressed that she and her staff now feel more empowered in their clinical work. “We know that the experts in Mindelo and Praia are always there to support us with any clinical decision and make sure that the patients receive the best quality of care”, continued Dr. Carla Abu-Raya.

Dr. Fernando Lopes, an experienced cardiologist and leader of the telemedicine program in HBS told he is proud that telecardiology has now become part of his routine medical practice. Dr. Augusto Evora, a stomatology doctor in the Hospital du Sal, is such a proficient user of the telemedicine technology that he is considered a skillful IT specialist by the other doctors. “Many colleagues have fully mastered the technology, but I am committed to train and coach everybody who is willing to learn and use telemedicine”, said Dr. Evora. The Health Center of Sal Rei in Boa Vista and the Hospital Joao Morrais in Santo Antao were also active participants in the clinical telemedicine program during January 2014. For the first time since the beginning of the ITeHP-CV, the Hospital Dr. Baptista de Sousa in Mindelo overcame Hospital Dr. Agostinho Neto in term of the number of teleconsultations.

The Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program for the Republic of Cape Verde is funded by the Republic of Slovenia through ITF Enhancing Human Security and implemented by International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation.