@ITF_fund: @ITF_fund 2016 projects supported by @MZZRS in the amount of 265,000 EUR
@ITF_fund: #Slovenia announced 120k EUR to address the Syrian refugee crisis through @ITF_fund @SupportSyrians @MiroCerar @MZZRS
@ITF_fund: @DrzavniSvet visit at @ITF_fund @damjan_bergant
@ITF_fund: President of National Council of Slovenia Mr. Bervar and delegation official visit to @ITF_fund HQ @DrzavniSvet
@ITF_fund: @ITF_fund @NAJDA_NOW with @MZZRS donation have been actively involved in mitigating #refugee crisis in #Lebanon
@ITF_fund: The #Czech Republic provides a donation for @ITF_fund activities @damjan_bergant
@ITF_fund: A 10-year old girl from Ukraine successfully rehabilitated in #Slovenia @MZZRS @ITF_fund


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