@ITF_fund: Vabimo k ogledu! #BiH: Država z največ minami v Evropi @RTV4D @RTV_Slovenija #MineAction
@ITF_fund: We are thankful for #Ireland's support, and look forward to continuing cooperation! @dfatirl @IRLAmbLjubljana
@ITF_fund: Happy to share the news on follow-up rehabilitation of a an 11 yo victim of conflict in #Ukraine @MZZRS @UKRinSVN
@ITF_fund: Today's suggested reading on #mine threat & @ITF_fund's work in #BiH by @UniLUISS student for @GlobeTrotterUNI
@ITF_fund: Honored to receive World Veterans Federation plaque for our efforts in making the world safer #WorldPeaceDay…


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